What is the shelf life of Workshop supplements?
Unopened, our recyclable pots help to preserve formulas naturally for two years, without the need for chemical fillers. Once opened, we recommend consuming the product within six months.
Which of the Workshop supplements are vegan?
All of our products are 100% vegan and vegetarian friendly.
Do any of the Workshop supplements contain gluten?
No, all of our formulas are gluten free.
Which Workshop supplements aren't suitable for pregnant women?
All of our supplements are safe to use, but we always recommend prior to using a supplement that you check with your healthcare practitioner first.
Do any of the Workshop supplements contain any GMO ingredients?
No, all of our Workshop supplements are free from GMO ingredients.
Do I need to store Workshop supplements in the fridge?
Only the Prebiotic + Probiotic needs to be stored in the fridge once opened, all of the other Workshop supplements should be stored at room temperature.
Most vegan protein powders also contain rice protein, why don't the Organic Pea Protein Formulas contain any rice protein?
Our manufacturers could not source any rice protein that did not have traces of heavy metals, and as a part of our commitment to providing the purest products possible, we decided not to include rice protein in our formulas.
Are the Workshop supplements suitable for children?
All of our nutritional supplements are safe to give to children, we would recommend as with any dietary change that you check with your healthcare practitioner prior to giving the products to children.
How do I book classes at one of your locations?
Currently the best way to book a class is to e-mail us directly via info@workshopgymnasium.com. We are working on developing an online booking feature in the future, but in the mean time please e-mail us.
I forgot my Workshop username and/or password, what can I do?
You can click on the "Forgot your password" link on the "Log in" page on the "Account" tab on workshopgymnasium.com.
Do you offer the same services at all of your locations?
No, we offer personal training, yoga and pilates at all of our locations, but then we do offer additional services depending on the location. The services available at each location are listed on the locations page on workshopgymnasium.com
If I decide to join one of your gymnasiums, do I pay Workshop directly or do I pay the Hotel where your gyms are located?
If you wish to access our services within the Bulgari hotels, you would make payment directly to the hotel for the any of our Workshop services.
If i'm a member at one of your gymnasiums, can I access one of your other locations at no extra cost?
Yes, if you're a member in London you can access our facility in Milan, Dubai, Bali, Beijing or Shanghai. The only fee you would be required to pay is the cost of the service you have at whichever location you use, no additional membership fee is required.
If I have a gift voucher in London, can I use the same gift voucher for services or products I wish to purchase at one of the other Workshop locations?
Unfortunately no, if you have a gift voucher from our London facility it can only be used for services or product purchases in London.